Public Speaker Wanna Be, Communication Science Major of Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang Students Become Podcasters – The rapid technology development makes lecturers are obliged to adapt fast. In order to do that, the right approach to a great demand media is needed, one of them is podcast.

As stated in the 2022 Digital Marketing Trends report by Hootsuite, 20.4% of internet users aged 16 to 64 years old enjoy podcasts. In addition, Indonesia sits on the 2nd rank as a country with the most podcast listeners in the world.

Seeing this phenomenon, the Communication Science Department of Universitas Brawijaya created podcast content as the Public Speaking subject’s final assessment for the 4th semester students. They were required to produce the material as well as practicing to be podcasters under the supervision of Public Speaking for B,G,H,I,J Class lecturer, Tanti Nur Dwiyanti, in collaboration with Bingkai Karya and Komunikita.

“From the beginning of the lecture, I have mentioned that public speaking is not only about speaking, but also being able to make scripts and descriptions as the material brought on the practice,” siad Tanti. “The public speaking task is not a personal task, but a teamed task that was graded as a personal and grouped assignment.”

In the practice, the students made a group of two. After that, they created content description, podcast cover, and produced the content with the duration of 10 minutes max. They were allowed to explore any phenomena and interesting events around the campus.

“The podcast contents for now, beside other media, include the closest media to them. They can make podcasts with simple tools and applications, even using phones. By thinking creatively, the contents around us will be an icon and make them productive,” added Tanti.

Tanti hopes that this program can continue with more varied contents. Moreover, Tanti hoped that the podcast contents produced by them could become a guide to know about UMM and the ins and outs of student life.

Listen to how the students express their opinions, concerns, and life as students on the Spotify podcast channel “Ini UMM” in the following link.

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